Reliable Nutrition Information

Nutrition Month
  • Material to download
  • Recipes
  • Tips to eat well
My drive, Healthy Living
  • Quiz
  • Videos
  • Activities and material to download for teachers
Mission Nutrition
  • Quiz
  • Sections for parents and educators
  • Activities ideas
Dairy Goodness
  • Recipes with dairy products and menus
  • Nutrition information about dairy products and good health
Nutrition Explorations, Kid’s Nutrition
  • Material to download
  • Activities ideas
  • Sections for parents, educators and kids
National Dairy Council
  • Recipes with dairy products
  • Brochures about different topics to download
Health Canada, Food and Nutrition
  • Information about many different topics: Nutrition north Canada, nutrition label, food safety, safe food handling
  • Interactive guides
Dietitians of Canada
  • Information and advices about nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Dieticians’ view about nutrition for different groups
Extenso, Nutrium – Université de Montréal (French only)
  • Information about nutrition, foods, diseases
  • Quiz
  • True or false about nutrition
  • Assessment of nutrition statements credibility
  • Information about Health Challenges (5/30, Quit to win Challenge)
  • Information about steps to follow to make a program providing health at workplace
Your healthy weight - shaping up with milk products
  • Healthy weight assessment
  • Healthy recipes
  • Nutrition information
  • 10 expert recommandations to lose weight
First Nations of Qc & Labrador Health and Social Services Commission
  • Description of nutrition programs (Kirano Project, Introduction guide to solid foods)

Healthy Living

Health Canada, First Nations, Inuit and Aboriginal Health
  • Information about First Nations, Inuit and Aboriginal health (nutrition, environment, mental health)
Passeport Santé (French only)
  • Information about health (nutrition, diseases, physical activity, sleep)
  • Information about foods (nutritional benefits, how to cook)
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Quebec
  • Information about physical activity, healthy eating and heart disease
  • Recipes
  • Possibility to assess our own risk for heart disease and stroke
  • Healthy heart programs suggesting tools and activities
Canadian Cancer Society
  • Advices to live well (no smoking, good nutrition, physical activity)
Diabetes Québec
  • Information about diabetes and gestional diabetes
  • Nutrition and physical activity tools (eating well, meal plan, exercice recommandations)
  • Recipes (French only)
Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Information about diabetes and gestional diabetes
  • Nutrition tools («eating out», «recipe makeover», «carbohydrate counting», etc. – guides to download)
  • Recipes


Inuit Cultural Online Resource
  • Inuit cultural information
  • Country food recipes
  • Video showing how to make bannock