The Project

The aim of the project is to reinforce the promotion of supportive environments (economic, social and political) and to facilitate healthy choices and healthy living habits. The prevention of early chronic diseases, obesity and diabetes is our goal through health promotion strategies, health education, behavior change and early diagnosis. Community centers are local unique environments that bring together communities and that support peer leaders in the promotion of change within the Community centers and in the community. There are five activities that are proposed:


Health Promotion Cybercentre

Designated health promotion area in the Community center will please you! Participating members have a computer, screen and you may navigate from there, the newly developed web portal dedicated to health promotion. Accessible from anywhere, the portal gives you access to healthy living tools that are used in the South, national and international websites that have been chosen for their potential relevance and easy to use self-assessment risk factor tools. Videos are also promoted. In addition, the Cybercentre offers you a team that, at distance, will answer your health promotion question and can deliver health promotion consultations and behavior change strategies either on a scheduled meeting using technology or using regular email exchanges. Simply write your health concerns in the section: Health promotion Cybercentre of the portal and expert clinical and researcher health professionals or in-training health professionals will contact you.


Hans Kai Preventative Circles

Health discussion, training and education, led by a trained peer leader on various healthy lifestyle habits topics including nutrition, physical activity, motivation, etc. This is currently combined with the Healthy Collective Crockpot Kitchen tasting sessions in the Community centers, through health education kiosk.


Healthy Collective Crockpot Kitchen

Demonstration and tasting of simple, economic and healthy crockpot recipes takes place in the Community centers 6 times a year. The session also includes a basket of all the products used and associated cost. These sessions are meant to encourage and invite the community to join in the regular collective kitchens proposed by the Community centers. A set of recipes is being compiled that comprised traditional and food store. The tasting sessions are currently used as prelude to the development of Hans Kai Preventative Circles, by informally passing along information related to nine different topics (five on nutrition, physical activity, smoking, budget and mental health).


Healthy Strategy : Go for Green


Youth Healthy Challenges

A five week youth healthy living campaign is proposed through a Community centers Facebook that proposed 5 different healthy themes and associated challenges. In partnership with local schools, we are targeting youth health norm changes. School and parent supports are key. Class and schools will accumulate points to win prizes. The 2015 edition is supported with the participation of a kinesiology student from Université Laval, as part of a special clinical training.

Themes and associated challenges

“Go for green: what to look for and how much to eat!”

Challenge 1 :Go for Green” treasure hunt at the Community center

Go grocery shopping with your parents at the Community center and fill in the healthy food treasure hunt sheet taken from the Youth Healthy Challenges - Community centers Facebook page. Return the completed form to your class for the class count!

Challenge 2 : Step up to the plate! Know what a good portion size is!

At dinner time, use the healthy plate you made to know the right portion size for each food group. Write down the meals you ate with the good portion sizes on the sheet provided on the Youth Healthy Challenges - Community centers Facebook page (up to 5 dinner meals during the week) and return the sheet to class the following week.

“Let’s cook together and spice things up!”

Challenge 3 : Write up a family recipe and contribute to our Nunavik Recipe Guide 2015!

Family cooking is fun! Write up the recipe of your favorite family meal. Post the recipe on the Youth Healthy Challenges - Community centers Facebook page.

“Good choices for snacks and juices”

Challenge 4 : Water is the best!

Drink water several times a day! Replace at least one sweetened beverage with a glass of water. Record the number of days you drank 8 glasses of water on the sheet provided on the Youth Healthy Challenges - Community centers Facebook page.

Challenge 5 : Healthy snacks

Choose your daily snacks from the healthy snacks list from the Youth Healthy Challenges - Community centers Facebook page. Record your daily healthy snack and return the sheet to your class.

“Get up, get out and have some fun“

Challenge 6 : Steps count! Pedometer – 5 day challenge

Wear your pedometer during the whole week from Monday to Friday; write down your daily steps count. Aim for gold: the closer you come to 13 000 steps a day, the closer you are to being active and fit. Record your daily number of steps on the sheet provided and return it to your class the following week.

“Groove, move, get out and play, it’s healthy!”

Challenge 7 : Daily activity count!

Use the Daily Activity Calendar Count sheet for 5 days, from the Youth Healthy Challenges - Community centers Facebook page. Record your activities and return the sheet to your class the following week